Liberation Street is a collection of innovative artworks which characterise female visibility over the last century in Britain.

The collection comprises of one hundred artworks in total and represents fifty female subjects. Through two artworks each, we convey their story from history, between 1924 to 2024 and celebrate their empowerment. 

  • The Story

    The story artworks depict the circumstances, the experiences, era and relationship between the subject and the viewer. The artist and writers imbue the composition with details, symbology and nuances that relate to the time, location and moment we encounter the subject.

  • The Inspiration

    The Inspiration artworks show the subject in close up and are intricately detailed. They represent the full visibility and optimum experience of the subject. The door symbology that is instrumental to this collection acts as a frame to enhance the subject rather than obscure her.

Our artworks showcase women from all walks of life, depicting their experiences across society, work, and home. From farming to fashion, health to retail, and amidst a century of war and technological progress.


In each artwork a woman is depicted in or around a doorway.

Some are partly hidden behind the door, some are leaving, some are staying. Whether she comes or goes, that is her choice, but throughout the century choices are shaped by opportunity, and some women have more opportunities than others.

The doors in our collection are hugely significant as they symbolise security, obstruction, and freedom.We use doorways, windows, keyholes, and entrance halls to place each character.

By locating each subject in a doorway or window we invite the viewer into their world at the place where they are seen by society at a particular era in time. We also invite the modern-day viewer of the art to reflect on our subject’s experience, her role, the power dynamics and social expectations of the day. 

Liberation Street is a conversation about visibility and choice.

How many thresholds have women stepped over in the last century, how many times have women stepped to one side so that others could be seen, how have they physically, mentally and spiritually stepped forward from the doorways of Liberation Street to choose themselves?

In 2024 are women visible, and if they are, does that mean they are free?

A century of female visibility

Starting in 1924 we ask which women are visible in society. With the majority of British women still not afforded the vote, the interwar years brought about shifts in attitudes to women. How visible were women outside of the home, and how important was status and economics.

Some of the women from this era are depicted in the art from behind keyholes and windows, intimating that they are not fully seen by society at this time. Others, perhaps those with privilege, are seen more fully by the viewer.

Pan forward a century and society is very different for women, there are still inequalities, but the expectations of society have shifted exponentially.

The millennial women in our artworks are more visible by society, and by the viewer. Their physical presence, attitudes and identity now overshadow the doorway itself

Artistic interpretation

Throughout the collection we as viewers are continually given the choice to step back from the door and allow our subjects the space to express themselves physically, creatively, and socially. This evokes many questions including our roles as observers of their visibility and liberation across the century, and how we too are part of their experience.

This unique collection is deep in symbology and beauty. Each piece is imbued with clues and symbols which convey the era and the experience of each woman. Ten decades of history are artistically explored in appearance, culture, and circumstances of the female characters.

From the women’s suffrage movement of the 1920’s and the changing workforce of the war years, to the creation of the welfare state in the fifties and the second wave of feminism in the sixties, and the intergration of immigrant women from around the world. The collection explores the relationships women have with society, with families, with their own identity.

We explore equality of reproductive rights and fertility throughout the seventies to nineties and the changes in employment in the twenty-first century with female representation in leadership and migration towards traditionally male dominated fields of science and technology. We look at changing attitudes to sexuality, family and relationships.

Jai Sol - artist

Throughout this stunning collection, our artist Jai Sol has imbued each composition of female subjects with specific colours, symbolism and flowers enhancing each piece with his unique creative interpretation.

His attention to detail extends to the diverse colour palette adorning buildings and doors, as well as the intricate nuances of clothing, makeup, and skin tones spanning over a century. Through his masterful compositions, Jai constructs lifelike scenes imbued with profound symbolism and depth, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a narrative frozen in time. As spectators, we are not merely observers; we become integral parts of the moment, while the subjects within the artwork seem to engage with us, the viewers, creating an intimate connection that transcends the art. 

Each piece conveys elements of nature that are significant to the subject, her culture and time. It is Jai’s belief that flowers enhance our experience in the world, no matter what the conditions in life, and that symbiotically the conditions around us, the air, the nutrients, the water and care all create the perfect opportunity for growth. When conditions are enhanced for both humans and plants we see flowers bloom and humans empowered. As viewers we are given the opportunity to appreciate, value and reflect on self-expression. The flowers within each composition are embedded with meaning and symbology, for Jai they represent potential, possibility and purpose.

Art - Community - Technology

With over 15 years of creating art presentations Jai Sol with his team will showcase the Liberation St art experience.

Our Mission:

100 artworks of fictional women from 1924 - 2024

1000 videos of women from 2024 sharing their thoughts on visibility 

10,000 comments from visitors to our events on our Liberation Wall.

Art – For everyone

Liberation Street is an art collection for everyone. We want as many people to experience it as possible.

Here are some of the ways in which we intend to share art and stories:

·  Art exhibitions, including pop-up art shows

·  Art prints available to buy

·  Art book to showcase art and stories

·  Online art exhibition

·  Documentary about the Liberation Street journey

As we develop Liberation Street and bring these exciting opportunities to our community over the next two years we will be able to reach more people in more inventive ways.

A small selection of our collection is available to purchase right now, with more art coming at regular intervals throughout the year.

Community – We want to hear your stories

The stories of women, how they feel when they are seen or unseen, are part of our heritage. Our art captures their gaze, their surroundings, the thoughts of fictional women in Britain, but we want to hear real stories too.

The Liberation Street community are invited to take part in the collection. We want to hear regional stories, from diverse voices, of women across all ages. Stories are powerful and are the foundations of Liberation Street art. You are invited to take part in Liberation Street when you share your experiences of visibility.

We have made it our mission to hear women’s stories and provide a platform for women to be heard, so that others can share in their experience. To inspire and inform other women, to ensure diverse voices are documented in narratives about society, so that we might enrich our understanding of other perspectives. Stories are powerful and your stories matter to us.

Sharing your thoughts – Help us document the stories of women.

Do you feel seen? Invisible? Afraid to be seen? Share your stories with us.

We value your contribution to our art collection. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

If you are happy to share your thoughts and your contact details we would love to send you a voucher for £100 towards the purchase of one of our stunning artworks.


Technology – A mesh of beauty and science

The Liberation Street artworks, which are classically rich in texture, colour and symbolism are a beautiful contrast to the futuristic technology of our processes and exhibitions.

Amongst the debates over robotics, machine learning and changes in the roles of humans with new technology, Liberation Street bring a discussion about humanity, history, and women’s experiences into the technology of the future

The innovations in technology are opening up our opportunities to see history in a new light and allow us to record the voices of today’s women for future generations to hear.

Manchester Launch

Liberation Street will launch at a magnificent exhibition in Manchester where we will exhibit our art and invite the community to take part.

The exhibition will take place over three rooms:

Room 1: The artworks of fictional women from 1924 - 2024

Room 2: The video stories of visibility by real women in 2024/5

Room 3: Liberation Street wall and video booth to collect the thoughts and words of visitors to our exhibition



We will also launch our LIberation Street book, a documentary on the making of the art collections, and original music for the event.

From December 2026, Liberation St will be showcased worldwide at a host of major galleries. We endevour to share this collection with people and communities from various backgrounds and cultures to share ideas and expand the dialogue.
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Limited editions of Inspirational artworks are available to purchase as framed and fine art prints from May 2024.

Story artworks and Inspirational pieces will only be available to view at our exhibition experiences. Join our mailing list for details.


Communication of Liberation Street will primarily be visible on social media platforms. We invite audiences to experience our collections, descriptions, insights and engage with us to form dialogue around the subjects of our collection.



We offer our followers further opportunities be a part of the Liberation Street story by owning limited editions art prints from our Inspiration collection.

14 artworks will be available to purchase worldwide at three periods over 2024. Our released prints will be exclusively available via our website only and available for a limited time.

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