Welcome to Liberation Street: One hundred years of women’s visibility. Join our community and become a voice in our art.

We create art and stories that portray the experiences of women in Britain over the last century. We invite members of our community to take part and be heard.


The values and principles of Liberation Street : 

  • Share accessible and beautiful art
  • Involve community in the discussion of women’s visibility
  • Promote and engage in ethical use of cutting edge technology
  • Transparency and support for other artists and creatives
  • Promote positive messaging about women through art


Our social responsibility commitment:

·  Represent and invite contribution from diverse voices

·  Create accessible ways of engaging and contributing

·  Promote kindness and understanding of other perspectives

·  Represent history with authenticity

·  Support and promote local businesses.


Our story…

Liberation Street began with a little experimentation and curiosity. In February 2024 our artist, Jai Sol, created an artwork of a woman in a doorway. She was staring at the viewer with an intensity that was striking and bold. She had a story to tell.

After sharing the art with fiction writer Jo Cora, they wanted to create more. The doorway was intriguing, was she stepping out or staying in? Was the door a gateway into an opportunity? If so, had she been invited?

Excited to create more Jai disappeared for 24 hours and came back with Liberation Street and a plan to create art that represented one hundred years of women’s fashion and experiences. As Jo and Jai started to create stories for each of the women and symbology to decorate their doorways, they became aware that this collection was more than just hairstyles and flowers. This was a story of visibility itself, and the doorways were deeply symbolic of opportunity, obstruction, safety and freedom. The women were not just subjects, they had stories to tell of society, relationships, discrimination and culture. Liberation Street became real.

As more people started to see the first artworks it became apparent that women responded to the concept with emotionality and depth. When they were asked about their own experiences of being visible some cried, some reflected on their mother’s experiences, some had never considered the ways in which they felt seen and heard. It was time to involve them in the plans for Liberation Street.

The Liberation Street team started to grow. As a hugely experienced digital artist Jai was keen to use cutting edge technology to bring the art to the people in immersive exhibitions. They wanted to involve the community in the art collections by capturing the stories of women in video and on a huge Liberation Street wall. Within a few months they had created the Liberation Street plan, to bring art, community and technology together in the exploration of one hundred years of women’s visibility.

We would love you to join us.