Unveiling Liberation Street.

Welcome to Liberation Street, an art collection by Jai Sol, which celebrates one hundred years of female visibility.

Inspired by the idea of doorways as symbols of choice and opportunity, each artwork in the collection explores the theme of female visibility in its own unique way.



Hailing from the North of England, Jai Sol brings his three decades of artistic expertise to Liberation St, blending traditional and digital techniques with the most cutting-edge AI technology. His unique and innovative approach infuses each piece with depth, emotion, and a touch of magic. 

But let's peel back the curtain and step into Liberation Street, shall we? Our writing team have created fifty female subjects, five for each decade from 1924 to 2024. With a passion for storytelling, we have created narratives that unfold through the art, while Jai has imbued each piece with symbology that guides the viewer towards the heart of the story.


Our inspiration.

Women who want to be visible, who want to be recognised for their worth or work. We look at challenges to visibility over the years. What are the life events which affected women’s experience over the last century, the wars, the changes in society, in health advancements and technology. From suffragettes to social media, women have transitioned from a time when they were not acknowledged as equals to the modern era, where every moment of a woman's life can be on display to the world if she chooses.



Our Curation.

The creative team behind Liberation Street are inspired by stories of women who did things differently, who were role models to other women, who were inspired to make a difference, who were not afraid to be seen and heard for their beliefs or their work or their creativity. We celebrate them.


We also want to witness the women who were not visible in society in their era over the last century. The women who were sometimes invisible in their place of work, their homes, their street. We have created stories around them based on accurate historical research and portray them in two stunning artworks.


First Artwork - The Journey

We witness them within a context that narrates their story – a 1950s nurse, a 1980s shop assistant. The colours, plant life, and symbolism imbued in the art offer glimpses into their lives.



Second Artwork - The Celebration

(available for purchase as limited-edition prints), we honour each woman in an artwork that exudes both beauty and reverence.


As we walk through Liberation Street, we invite you to join the conversation. Share your thoughts, insights, and experiences with us as we explore the art and themes together.



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